Fiat Money

Trading Forex market or trading fiat currencies is the earliest service we provided for our clients when we first appeared in the market as a trading service provider. We were among the first companies which were allowing their clients to fund their accounts with credit cards. Of course, since then, the number of services and products was growing together with trading tools, techniques, methods and conditions to trade with.

Major, Minor, Exotic Pairs available 24/5

Currency pairs are classified in three big categories: majors, minors, exotics. This way is easier for you to identify faster the potential pairs. Usually, major pairs, which contain the US dollar, are the most frequently traded. The pair EUR/USD is the most traded pair and it occupies the major amount of total Forex daily transactions.

Digital Money

Digital Money shaked the current monetary system to the core. They showed a totally new concept of money, where the system was created for people and around people. If you want to be one step ahead from other traders, and one step ahead in time, digital money is the perfect solution. Digital Money is the future, no matter how far this future might seem to be.

What makes Digital Money different from other assets?

High Volatility

Digital Money is characterized by high volatility rates. The market is not regulated, central banks and governments do not accept it. The impact of government decisions over Bitcoin mainly influence Botcoin itself and other digital currencies.


Digital Money is self regulated, no third parties have control over it. This is the reason why they were created, to avoid banks and other financial institutions as third parties, people and companies will be free from commissions and fees.

High Security

Digital Money is created using blockchain technology. It means that transactions are recorded into ‘blocks’ and time is stamped on them. It is a complex process which results in a digital ledger, very hard to be hacked by hackers.